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Patient Testimonials - Analysis, Advices, Hints, Ideas, Thoughts
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#1 Posted : Sunday, May 1, 2011 10:17:02 PM(UTC)

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Patient Testimonials - Analysis, Advices, Hints, Ideas, Thoughts

We analyzed a number of Patient Testimonials to receive very interesting results. Most of these testimonials are posted to the Testimonials sub-forum on our forum.

All the testimonials can be easily divided into a few groups.

1. Almost perfect, attractive, informative, professionally done testimonials with easy to understand information and easy to find practice.

2. Good, but still with some gaps, for example, the sound can be very low, unclear, with noise. The beginning and the end of testimonial can be strange, like somebody cut it out for some reason or simply started recording right after the patient has already started talking, but in general it's still understandable.

3. Acceptable, which means that the videos are too grainy, jerky, dark, and/or shaky, the voice is hard to understand, etc. The video testimonial has very limited contact information but it still can be used to localize the practice.

4. Unacceptable, something very important is missing and it’s extremely hard to understand and use this testimonial. You need to remember that the most of the people will never work hard trying to understand your encrypted message.

5. Bad Impression Testimonials. You did a great job, you recorded the patient testimonial, wrote comments, posted it to and to your own web site expecting quick results... But the comments in your video testimonial have typos and grammar errors. Will it be very attractive? We don't think so. Instead, it will keep your potential patients far away from your practice. We cannot say that there are a lot of testimonials like these, but they do exist. Check yours just to make sure that your are ok.

6. Worthless. This group includes all the testimonials regardless of the video and sound quality just because they don’t have any comments neither contact information. Even if they are brilliant and describe the excellent doctor’s work but there is no contact info at all, these testimonials are worthless. The doctor name, the web site, the phone number, state, address are missing... The question is – why did you do it this way??? You just lost your time.

7. Advertisements. This group includes all so-called testimonials for some kind of services or products. The quality is very good and the people speaking on these videos look like payable actors. It’s hard to believe that these people are random and not only because the video was professionally done.

Few valuable hints for better, more efficient patient video testimonials

1. Please try to use a better camcorder. These devices are cheap nowadays and it’s hard to imagine that a medical practice cannot afford $200-300 for advertisements. Also keep in mind that this amount can be used for your tax return. Please do not use smart phones or web cameras to record so-called video. We saw several examples with terrible sound and terrible video quality. The FPS (frame per second) was around 12-15 fps or even less, which is not acceptable at all. Even if you are limited with a smart phone and cannot afford a better device to shoot your video please move to a better illuminated area. Keep in mind that the microphones in the smart phones are very poor with a very limited frequency range, so stay closer to the patient making a testimonial. Use extra light if the conditions are limited.

2. Always use tripod or some kind of device to fix your camera. The worst thing that you can do is to record a jerky video using shaky hands. It will ruin the whole illusion that you’re professional and that you’re trying your best. This testimonial is the face of your practice, the entry point, and the most of the potential patients will never open your door after watching these videos. If you have no idea how to do that you’d better ask a professional or at least record several different versions of testimonials with your office staff to get the best conditions and settings before you invite a real patient for testimonial. Don’t play these games with your patients!

3. Not all patients are actors for sure, many of them cannot speak loudly when the camera is on. It’s a good idea to use an additional microphone and fix it closer to the patient or even use a small microphone and fix it on the patient's dress. It can be wired or wireless depending on your budget, the only two things – it should not catch noise from your practice devices if it’s wireless, and it should not be very noisy providing a good enough sensitivity and range at the same time.

4. Add a short introduction right before the patient starts talking. You can include your practice logo, contact info, etc. 3-5 seconds will be enough. It can be just an image added to the final video. All the video transactions should not be quick and sharp. Those who want will roll this video back to stop it and write this info down. Talk with your patient, introduce your patient, tell his medical history in brief for those who understand these words, ask him questions, lead the patient, tell about treatment, and the results, don’t skip this part! It will show in detail what exactly was done, how efficiently and if this patient is really happy. Avoid worthless testimonials like: “This practice/doctor is great, wow! I came with pain and it was resolved.” with no valuable information. The first reaction that you could expect is: “So what? Where is the info that I’d like to hear? There are many reasons of pain, like tight fancy shoes. I got something serious with my feet and I’m expecting this doctor has enough experience to help me. If I don’t hear that from the happy patients I don’t believe! And I will definitely keep searching for a better doctor”.

5. Add a short conclusion. It can be standard for all your patient testimonials: practice logo, contact information, phones, addresses, name of the doctor(s), web site – whatever you can add will work for you. Make your contact information as easily available as possible.

6. Always leave text comments below your patient testimonials. We have many very smart and powerful searching engines working 24/7 on the Internet. But they are still not analyzing your videos trying to parse the information hidden inside like your contact information. The video testimonials without this information are just your lost time, nothing else. Even if the patient tells the practice and doctor name it doesn’t work for the Internet Search. At least yet. Even if you think that you are ok because you uploaded these videos to with no text comments just to integrate them into your web site, you’re wrong. These videos are still on and the real people like us are watching them. Why would you lose this possibility to tell them about your practice?

7. Think about appropriate background for your video testimonials. You can use your own office and that’s good, but if you see some graphics and photos glued around the patient it can be distractive for listeners. A practice logo, doctor name and contact information would work much better than a picture with a man cut in half placed on the wall right above the patient making a testimonial. If the background is too bright and the front light is not enough your patient face will be very dark and noisy and that will be very bad for your video. If the background is too dark and you didn’t correct your camcorder settings then the patient face will be just a bright spot on the screen. So it’s recommended to correct the camcorder settings to make the patient face perfectly illuminated because that's the main part of this video.

8. You think that you know English don't you? Use spell-checker! it's free but gives you a huge advantage and helps to avoid very expensive painful errors! If you find errors in this article do not hesitate to tel us about them! d'oh!

9. Do not publish the video as it is. There are many good computer programs that you can use to edit this video, cut some extra parts, add missing intro and conclusion, correct sound, etc. If you have questions send us email message, we can recommend you a few very affordable good video editors.

10. Send us a direct email or better register on the forum and post your questions on this sub-forum so we can provide you some ideas or give you a free advice.

11. If you are local to Arizona, we can help you to shoot and create these testimonial videos using professional camcorders and video editors.
Blogger, MyFootTalk
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Forum Admin on 5/26/2011(UTC)
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#2 Posted : Thursday, June 30, 2011 10:23:08 PM(UTC)

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Joined: 4/9/2011(UTC)
Posts: 426
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Here is an example of acceptable, but far from perfect patient testimonial

Why not perfect? Even if we forget about a little dark room and, as a result, too red face because of the lack of light, incorrect white balance and too vivid setting of the camcorder, plus background noise, the whole jerky and shaky video is more annoying than informative. It would be interesting to know why the person, who made this record, didn't use a tripod. A very simple and cheap model should be around $10-$15. But the shooting holding the camcorder in shaky hands is not a very good idea. As a very simple solution the camcorder can be fixed on the table in front of the patient. But the very first impression after watching this video was: have these people watched this video themselves? Take a look:

San Francisco Chiropractor Review: Ankle Pain

Executive Express Chiropractic San Francisco "Patient of the Week" is Olivia Grim. Olivia presented with chronic ankle pain which was interfering with her daily activities and active lifestyle. After several weeks of chiropractic adjustments, deep tissue laser, and kinesiotape, Olivia is feeling much better. Ankle pain is not much fun, but our San Francisco Chiropractors have the tools and knowledge to fix them. Thanks Olivia...glad we could help.
Blogger, MyFootTalk
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#3 Posted : Thursday, June 30, 2011 10:49:17 PM(UTC)

Rank: Forum Valuable Person (FVP)

Joined: 4/9/2011(UTC)
Posts: 426
Points: 1,285
Location: USA

Thanks: 43 times
Was thanked: 74 time(s) in 63 post(s)
ADK Tri-State Podiatry

Adirondack Tri-State Podiatry, under the direction of Dr. Richard S. Donela, offers cutting edge technology for the treatment of heel pain, achilles tendonitis, neuromas, peripheral neuropathy, and other painful foot conditions.

A very interesting video, excellent quality, informative, etc. The background is perfect when required, it's absolutely not distracting letting us focus at the person telling about the practice. The background voice is stable, clear and loud. The appearance is good - from black to a full frame in less than a second. There is no title, but the video catches and leads to the very end of it. The transitions between different fragments are very good. I'd say this video was professionally recorded in HD, then mixed and rendered. Probably this practice hired someone and the work was done at the very high level. Of course, there was a tripod to produce this video, and it's very important to get such a good result. Many people don't understand that, and we can often see their shaking jerky tries. In some cases we can see the static photos and the whole sequence is very logical. The voice doesn't interrupt and it makes a very good impression. The background music is almost unnoticeable, but becomes louder at the very end to show the Practice Title at the very end of the movie. A very interesting solution!

There is probably only one suggestion to this video - to correct the name of the movie right above it at the youtube page. It's absolutely clear that there was a prepared file written in MOV format, and this file was uploaded to youtube. But people do not want to know all the technical details included into the file name. Also the search engines will index this name as it it, but people will never find it by its name, it's not informative as it could be. It would be much better if the name of the movie included more information about the practice and the main purpose of this movie.

Blogger, MyFootTalk
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